"For agents who want the best, exclusive, affluent, motivated, qualified, pre-set IUL appointments in the industry"

What would your business look like with a calendar full of quality pre-set IUL Appointments?

You would have more deal flow, more consistent pay periods, and more time with friends and family. Sadly most agents and advisors struggle, and never get there.


…because this business can be hard. Building marketing systems that bring in an evergreen flow of people takes a lot of time, money, and manpower.

In fact, over the past 10 years we've been building marketing and appointment systems that work. (It shocks us still when we receive calls from even top of the table producers worried about running out of people to meet).

If you're already selling Indexed Universal Life Insurance, then you know how good life can be when you're closing deals consistently. It's a great product for your clients, but it's also a nice way to grow your business and career.

(If you're not selling IULs and would like to learn more, we recently recorded a free informational webinar you can learn all about it here)

Two Major Problems holding you back from the next income level

Problem #1: Not seeing enough people.
This problem is not uncommon for most agent and advisors…even if they've been in the business for 10+ years. Referrals are nice, but most agents never ask and there never seems to be enough of them. The other issue is finding a good source that fills your calendar with quality, pre-set appointments. Most online companies, tele-marketing services, and direct mail houses sell crummy leads you end up chasing.

Problem #2: Working leads NOT appointments
Most agents have spent a small fortune buying leads. You get an email or login into some website and have to call them back before the other agent who just got the same lead calls them first. Talk about playing a game you can't win. You end up spinning your wheels and end up frustrated.

Top producers work with qualified, pre-set appointments. There's no chasing. The appointment has been set and is waiting to talk to you. That's the biggest hurdle…having more at bats with quality people. It's similar to fishing…you catch more fish when you have your pole in the water. The more quality people you talk to on a weekly basis, the more chances you have to produce.

Not just Leads….but Quality, Pre-Set Appointments

Our approach is unique. We don't generate leads. We generate "appointments." This happens in three easy steps. (1) An interested prospect calls us from our media spend. (2) We answer the call and see if they qualify to meet with a licensed insurance specialist. (3) The appointment is set on your calendar on a specific day and time.

Our appointments come many different media sources such as radio, TV, direct mail, and magazines. We don't advertise for people to call in and get a free quote or the best deal. Our ads spark interest in people who have wealth and want to protect and grow it. Many have money in qualified plans, CDs, or in the bank and are looking for a safer way to grow their money. Prospects hear our ads, call a toll-free phone number and request to get a free copy our best selling book "Safe Money Millionaire". For those interested we set an appointment to talk to a licensed insurance professional. This is key. We only set appointments with people who want to talk to you, not just get a free book. Safe Money Millionaire explains, in layman terms, the status quo is broken and how an IUL could be a better solution. Once they've received the book , all you do is follow our simple sales process to close the deal.

The major point is: If you stop chasing leads and start talking to exclusive, pre-set appointments you will substantially grow your business.

How To Fill Your Calendar With Pre-Set IUL Appointments